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La Musique de la Terre

When it rains I look up at the sky in wonder
and behold all the lightning and the thunder
The skies can darken day to night, make dull colors glow
A sun's beam at just the right moment can bestow a smile. A glance of love provides enough for us to know
that we are on this lovely ride through the earthly show

The winds knock upon my doors and windows
Hisses, growls and screams like restless animals
It blows all my cares away and fills me with fresh air
My walls fall down I open wide and lay my soul to bear
witness to what lies beyond as the world resumes
her earthly tunes

I float below the stars as I lay upon the ocean
Sparkling wonder mixed with deep emotion
I can choose to heed the call to find the light within
Or resolve to rush ahead and cast fate to the wind
But like waves I rise and fall, judging right from wrong
I let the current pull me on to hear another verse
of earth’s sweet song

A fire deep within the ground beckons to be heard
And with a tremendous sound it breaks apart the earth
Spreading out its flowing arms to engulf the land
Makes new worlds that become a partner to
earth’s magic band


Over You

I’m lost and I’m found, square and I’m round
up and I’m down over you.

I’m right and I’m left, full and bereft
Clumsy and deft over you

When you pass me my head spins around like a fool
in the hall of high school

I’m black and I’m white, bright day and dark night
never contrite over you
It’s not easy this time, to fully define
my genuine love for you.     

When you’re near me my heart nearly explodes inside
impossible to hide

When your glance falls my way it brightens my world
You’re a beautiful girl

Your opal eyes, a lovely prize
blue as the skies over you 
Red lips form your smile, kisses beguile
me so much that I’ll be true

When you touch me my body rings out like a chime
Please tell me that you’ll be mine


Bigger Boat

I’m going to need a bigger boat
to hold all my friends and still remain afloat
With extra room for coolers and a grill
So all of my passenger can get their fill

I'd like to have a spare guitar
for friends visiting from near and far
We can reminisce with front porch jams
and play tunes from our favorite bands

I'd like to have a sweet ol' dog
One that loves to fetch a tennis ball
He'd be my greeter when we take a walk
Then pull on his leash when I stop to talk

I'd like to read so many more books
to learn so much that I've overlooked
and take me to places I may never see
through classics, novels, and biographies

I'd like to have a bigger heart
I'd like to do my part
to reach out and embrace
all the colors in the human race

I'd like to have one more of me
to double the love for my family
and when two parties happen at once
I'd get to have twice the fun

I'd like to have another chance
to enjoy one more hug with my parents
and whisper a thank you for raising me right
and one last 'I love you, good night'

At my end I hope to leave behind
a smaller footprint for all mankind
But still have an impact in some small way
I hope that my kindness once brightened someone's day

Come Aboard With Me

I love to wake up with the sun in your eyes
that casts a glow upon the sea and the skies     
And like your jeans all the blues in me will fade away

When you became the one so perfect for me
it was clear as day that we were to be
lovers on a magical journey

Aboard we leave behind our worries
Restoring all that we long to be.  
as our starboard rail dips toward the water     
On board we feel free.

If I spill my drink will you be mad?
I may spill my heart and tell you how glad
I am that you agreed to come along with me

But darling rest assured that we'll never find
Another harbor like the one left behind
So many places we have yet to see

High on the seas of love
Smiles rain down from above  

I can't get enough

We have no place to go and plenty of time to get there. 
With no destination in mind.
We will know that we're there when we arrive

I love to see the moon reflect in your eyes
As the waters calm. our hearts energized.
I'm so glad you agreed to come aboard with me

Marble Surface
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